A reservation fee is due to be paid when you reserve time in my sewing schedule for your dress alterations and this sum will be deducted from your final bill e.g. reservation £50, final bill £250, balance due £200.

A wedding dress being worked on

Estimated Prices

Each bride requires two appointments and there is a charge of £52 to cover approximately two hours appointment time.

In many cases, brides see their dream dress, but then find that it doesn't quite fit their body shape. In order to make sure that you walk down the aisle in comfort, I offer a range of alterations. An indication of the likely cost of the most requested alterations are shown below.

The cost will ultimately depend on the style and construction of the dress, and the time involved. For example, a petite bride will need more fabric removed from the length than others, a full ballgown design has more fabric than a slim column or fishtail dress. Detailing such as lace/beading/stiffening ribbon is more time consuming to work with.

My suggested costs are as follows and include the fitting cost of £52:

Plain Bodice: Alteration to Improve Fit

Plain Bodice:

  • Bust to Waist


Lace/Beaded Bodice: Alteration to Improve Fit

Lace/Beaded Bodice:

  • Bust to Waist


Other Alterations

Re-size bustline to hip will be priced after more consultation.

Estimated Prices

  • Plain Hem with Petticoats Layers


    Up to 5cm Adjustment

  • Multi-Layered


    up to 5cm Adjustment, Tulle, Organza Silk

  • Detailed Lace Edging to Hem


    A-Line Shape/Fishtail, Lace or Beading up to 10cm Deep

NOTE: An edging over 10cm deep is more time consuming and therefore the cost will be higher as will a full/circular hem + £50 Supplement May Be Applied. Stiffened edging may also need additional work.

Dress Additions

Dress Additions

Complete the design of your dress by making a few small additions.

BUST CUPS. I am able to add Bra Cups for £26 depending on requirements.

TRAIN BUSTLE RIBBONS. These shorten the train for dancing will be charged at between £22 and £30. Please note that a full or layered train will require additional hand sewing and an additional charge.


Paying Your Bill

A deposit is required when you book your fitting schedule. 

Please note that all bills must be paid IN FULL before completed dresses are collected.

Cash or direct bank transfer are the two methods accepted. I do not have card facilities.

Contact me now, in Farnborough, Hampshire, to obtain individual prices for your dress to be altered by a skilled seamstress.

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