Covid-19 Policy

Masks are no longer required for your appointments HOWEVER if you are unwell then one would be preferred.


I am happy to wear a mask/visor if I feel unwell or if a client requests this. I understand that some people have work/relative situations that make wearing a mask the better option.


A positive Covid test would obviously mean appointments would need to be cancelled.

Find the answers to your questions below.

When Should I Book an Appointment?

Almost as soon as you have your dress. Popular wedding months are between April and October and this fills my sewing schedule from February to September, often with a surge of bookings in January each year.

My diary does get booked in advance and I am happy to take bookings up to 9 months ahead of your wedding date. 

When booking your appointments please respond as quickly as possible as I receive enquiries every day.

Dates can be "bookmarked" for 48 hours to enable you to consult your diary but are not secured until a deposit has been paid.

How Many Appointments Will I Need?

A minimum of 2, but 3 may be required due to the dress design and alterations required. Appointments are spaced out to allow time for the sewing to be completed. This is often intervals of around 3-4 weeks.

When should my dress be finished?

Ideally your completed dress should be collected at your final appointment 3-4 weeks prior to your wedding date.

can you store my dress?

I am not able to store dresses due to limited space.

How Long Is the Appointment?

I book an hour for each appointment.

May I Bring Friends to the Appointments?

Only one guest is permitted due to lack of space. For your collection appointment a guest is welcome to help practice getting you dressed on your wedding day. 

It is not possible to accommodate children in my workroom.

A married couple

The Length Is the Only Alteration Required, Can It Be Done Ahead of Time?

Yes, this can be arranged.

I am Dieting, When Will I Have to Maintain a Steady Weight?

I advise clients to be at maintenance at the time of their first fitting.

How Do I Pay?

A deposit is required at booking and this can be made online. Further payments can be provided via cash or online. I do not have card reading facilities.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Contact me in Farnborough, Hampshire, when you want an experienced seamstress to alter your wedding dress.

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